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Recent Count for 07/19/2019

Trip Boat Anglers Area Count
Overnight Charter Thunderbird 28 San Clemente 31 Yellowtail, 5 Barracuda, 6 Bonito, 6 Rockfish 9 Whitefish,
3/4 Ext. Limted Load Patriot 40 Catalina 2 Yellowtail, 1 White Sea Bass, 14 Calico bass,3 Sheephead, 158 Whitefish,6 Perch,1 Halibut
Overnight Charter Aggressor 18 San Clemente Still Fishing...
Limited Load AM 1/2 Day Western Pride 32 Coastal 155 Sculpin,31 Whitefish,3 Red Snapper,10 Rockfish,
Limited Load PM 1/2 Day Western Pride 29 Coastal 45 Calico Bass,5 Sand Bass,1 Sheephead,2 whitefish

Newport Landing Sportfishing is the fisherman's choice for open party fishing trips whether they're local trips to the Huntington Flats and the Horseshoe Kelp, or freelance and overnight excursions to the outer banks, Catalina Island, or San Clemente Island.

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