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Private Fishing Rentals

Perfect for bachelor parties & company events!

Newport Landing Sportfishing also offers private charters on a daily basis. These trips give you the opportunity to fish an un-crowded boat with only your friends, co-workers, or whomever you chose to bring! The trips range in duration from 1/2 Day and 3/4 Day on the Nautilus and Patriot all the way to 2 Day trips on the Aggressor. We also have a fleet of 6 pack boats for the anglers who even want less competition from other anglers.

All of our boats US Coast Guard certified and licensed, as well as being impeccably maintained. Our crews are both knowledgeable and helpful, willing to show you whatever it takes to have the trip of a lifetime. We have a fully stocked tackle store with rental tackle available. Absolutely no experience is necessary to experience what fishing is meant to be: fun!

Newport Landing Sportfishing caters to over 800 company fishing trips annually. We specialize in providing the level of service and care to detail to make every company outing a success. Our captains are considered to be the best in the industry with an average of 10 years plus experience. Not only do they love to catch fish, they love for their clients to have fun. Whether this is the guest’s first ocean fishing trip or the guest is a true ocean fishing veteran, our captains can always find a way to fulfill and in many cases surpass the expectations for all experience levels. Attracting and retaining this amazing group of captains is a core component of what makes Newport Landing Sportfishing the premier fishing landing on the West coast.

Newport Landing Ships

Looking to go on a deep-sea fishing trip of a lifetime? Our fishing boats provide open party, one day (overnight), one day and a half, and two day fishing trips targeting big game fish. These longer trips travel to less fished locations. View the galleys of each boat here. Click on boat to view details below.

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Trip Type Passengers Mon - Thur Friday Saturday Sunday
1/2 Day Up To 47 $1,490 $1,790 $2,090 $1,990
Twilight Up To 47 $1,140 $1,290 $1,290 $1,140
3/4 Day Up To 47 $2,580 $2,780 $3,280 $3,080
Ext 3/4 Day Up To 47 $2,980 $3,180 $3,680 $3,480
1 Day Up To 25 $3,270 $3,570 $4,070 $3,770
1.5 Day Up To 25 $4,970 $5,270 $5,670 $5,470
2 Day* Up To 25 $5,990 $6,490 $6,890 $6,490
* Price is determined by the first day fishing.


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Trip Type Passengers Mon - Thur Friday Saturday Sunday
1/2 Day Up To 76 $1,790 $1,990 $2,590 $2,390
Twilight Up To 76 $1,140 $1,290 $1,290 $1,140
3/4 Day Up To 76 $2,980 $3,180 $4,080 $3,820
Ext 3/4 Day Up To 76 $3,380 $3,580 $4,480 $4,220


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Trip Type Passengers Mon - Thur Friday Saturday Sunday
1/2 Day Up To 72 $1,790 $1,990 $2,590 $2,390
Twilight Up To 72 $1,310 $1,510 $2,110 $1,710
3/4 Day Up To 72 $2,980 $3,180 $4,080 $3,820
Ext 3/4 Day Up To 72 $3,380 $3,580 $4,480 $4,220

Western Pride

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Trip Type Passengers Mon - Thur Friday Saturday Sunday
1/2 Day Up To 99 $1,640 $1,840 $2,640 $2,440
Twilight Up To 99 $1,230 $1,530 $1,530 $1,230
3/4 Day Up To 99 $3,765 $3,865 $4,865 $4,465
Ext 3/4 Day Up To 99 $4,065 $4,065 $5,265 $4,865


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Trip Type Passengers Mon - Thur Friday Saturday Sunday
Overnight Up To 30 $4,900 $4,900 $5,500 $5,500
1.5 Day Up To 30 $7,000 $7,500 $7,500 $7,500
2 Day Up To 30 $9,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000

Six Pack: Bongos III

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Area 1/2 Day Full Day Overnight
Coastal $1,445 $1,888 n/a
Catalina n/a $2,118 $2,354
San Clemente n/a $2,542 $2,755
Off-Shore n/a $2,920 $3,180

Six Pack: Shark

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Full Day (6am - 4pm) Twilight (6am - 12am)
$1,941 $1,445

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Newport Landing Crew

Our awesome team

Newport Landing Sportfishing’s crews are the cornerstone of Newport Landing. Highly respected by their peers, our boat crews also rank at the top of their profession. Our crews are always one step ahead of guests’ needs. This allows the guests' to focus on their primary job of relaxing and taking in the thrills of a sportfishing outing. Whether you bring employees, key management, customers, or key vendors, your guests will share an experience that is unique and that will be remembered long after the fishing trip.

Along with the captain and crews of Newport Landing Sportfishing, the office staff plays a very important role. Our staff understands the dynamics that go into making a company fishing trip a huge success: Customized departure times & trip lengths that balance comfort and convience for your guests while maximizing their fishing opportunities, customized all inclusive meal & drink packages that allow your guests a seemingly all inclusive experience, all-in-one charter quotes ready for presentation and approval. The above items are just some of the services that Newport Landing’s Office staff handles. We highly recommend you take advantage of these services as they are invaluable in making your trip picture perfect and a successful.

Deep sea fishing gear rental for every type of ocean fishing, as well as numerous accessories, such as hats, sport sunscreen, and sunglasses, to name just a few is a perfect way to conclude the efforts/details that has made Newport Landing Sportfishing the standard by which all others strive to achieve.