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Orange County Whale Watching

Information for Orange County Residents and Visitors

For whale watching in Orange County, Newport Landing Whale Watching is centrally located from Newport Bay. Orange County has many things going for it including beautiful beaches, major theme parks, and some of the best whale watching on the planet. And unlike many world renowned whale watching destinations you do not have to set aside days and spend thousands of dollars traveling to remote locations. You can view numerous species of whales and dolphin and all within a couple hour whale watching cruise for under $40.

The entrance of Newport Bay starts one of the largest marine reserves in southern California with over 20 miles of protected coastal waters. The reserve was created to ensure that this amazing ecosystem would remain for generations to come. Along with the many marine creatures that flourish in the reserve, marine mammals also thrive and create a mecca for whale watchers from around the world. Sightings are so good that a half dozen whales or more can be sighted on just one whale watching cruise. Hard to believe you could go whale watching in the morning and see giant blue whales and mega pods of dolphin and enjoy Disneyland and California Adventures that afternoon all in the same day.

The seasons for whale watching in Orange County are year round. The summer and fall months viewing the giant blue whales and finback whales and the winter and spring months viewing the gray whale migration.